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Caring for the Entire Family
At Cooke Funeral Home and Crematorium we believe in caring for the entire family and we consider pets to be a part of our family.  Losing a pet can be an overwhelming experience and as pet owners, we understand what it is like to lose a pet.  That is why we established the Cooke Pet Crematorium in 2007.  Cooke Pet Crematorium is a facility specially designed to provide local pet cremation services.

At Cooke Pet Crematorium we will treat your beloved pet with the care and compassion that they deserve.  We want to help you pay tribute to your pet, provide guidance, and assist you in this stressful time.

Why choose Cooke Pet Crematorium?

  • We have home and veterinary office pick-up (additional charges may apply).
  • There is no transportation charge if you transport your pet directly to our facility.
  • We offer a selection of urns and memory keepsakes or you can choose the standard urn.
  • Since 1939, we have offered dedication and service to the community, earning a reputation as the specialists in handling life's transitions.
  • We operate state-of-the-art equipment in an impeccably clean facility and ensure the highest legal and ethical standards.

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